Monday, November 26, 2012

Local Guy Nic Cosso

Welcome to the first Local Surfer profile.
This is Nic Cosso.His local break is the Cliffs and Bolsa, Lets see what he has to say?




How old are you?

How long have you been surfing?  
38 years (started at age 6)?

What is your favorite wave?
 Locally: HB Cliffs, Abroad: Puerto Escondido and Barra de la Cruz
, Mexico
Do you remember your first Surfboard?
Yep - 7'0" Spyder Twin Fin

Why do you like surfing? 
Because there's nothing a good day of surf can't fix.  The feeling of being in the water, catching a wave and flying down the line is like nothing on earth and brings me absolute peace.  It's especially fun when you can surf with your buddies and just take over a spot to have a blast.

How many boards do you have? 
14 - ranging from a 9'6" Craig Angell longboard to a 5'10" Jason Hoffman Keel Fin Twin.

What is your favorite board? 
That's a tough question because I surf so many different types of boards regardless of the conditions.  Certain days I like to ride the log and walk it up and down, hang five, do headstands etc.  Then I have a really super fun 1971 7'0" single fin with rounded tail and single wings that my good friend Craig Wallace gave me.  It's super fun and can still be ridden pretty much anywhere and in anything.  My newest love though is a 6'6" Surf Prescriptions thruster (F-Money model in Laker colors) shaped by Jeff 'Doc' Lausch and it is truly a magic board.  Lastly my Hoffman Keel Fin Twin is like riding a skateboard.  It flies down the line, is as maneuverable as any board I own and can be ridden in a variety of wave types/sizes.

What are your favorite local places to eat? Wahoo's (in Costa Mesa), Pho'(Vietnamese in Costa Mesa), Mangia Mangia (Super Sicilian in HB), Jersey Mike's subs (in Costa Mesa).
Do you have a favorite Surf Shop - I've always been partial to HSS but I also like the new  little surf shops out there that are popping up like Surfy Surfy in Leucadia 

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